Sunday, May 5, 2013

Never too young to learn basketball :)

It's basketball season once again for the Ofonda family. Naks! Pang NBA lang ang peg :) Seriously, Hubby had an injury a couple of months ago so he was forced to stop playing basketball, but now, he is slowly coming back to the game. Syempre, supportive wife ang role ko kaya I give in to his practice hours. To double it as bonding time for our family, and because I'm not keen on leaving Rocco in the house on weekends, we bring him along with us.
 Grabe lang ang fascination ni Rocco sa basketball. One of the first words he uttered was BALL. Maybe he's also influenced because when Sieg gets hold of the TV remote at home, NBA lang ang palaging palabas.
 The little boy has a firm grip, and has eyes only on the ring :)
 Look at that form. Arms extended, legs sturdy and one foot slightly forward. One on one sila ng papa niya :)
 Stage daddy in the making. Haha.
Learning through play. And Rocco was definitely loving every minute of it. He is called the Stallion baby by the basketball group, named after their team name "Lexmark Stallions" :)

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