Sunday, May 5, 2013

Grannies in the House!

It's very obvious when my in-laws are in Cebu. The fridge is overflowing with food, our grocery cabinet is full, and we're always on food galore (galore--like the food galore of the Barretto's, haha!). They would bring boxes of grocery items, and cooked food, and everything else that they could bring. They recently visited us for the Labor Day weekend. Rocco was still nursing a light cold, and Hubby was still sick, but it didn't stop us from entertaining them during their stay. 
Rocco is clearly the apple of their eye. Eh panong hindi, kamukhang kamukha nila. Hehe. They brought him to Jollibee while I was at work just because he pointed to a Jollibee sign while they were on the road :)
 Rocco is such a cutie here, best picture ever with his grannies.
 Rocco super loves his Grandpa Tol. His Grandpa dotes on the little boy so much, pero ngayon nagcocomplain na kasi mabigat na daw. Masakit na daw arms nya kapag nagpapakarga :)
 We dropped by Starbucks during the weekend, and Rocco clearly loved their frappe, inubos nya yung frappe ko. Hubby was scolding me already kasi bakit ko daw pinagbibigyan puro sugar daw yon. Minsan lang naman kasi :)
 That's us after our morning walk. That's our morning ritual, and Grandma Marlyn joined us while they were here.

We're really blessed to have doting Grandparents for Rocco. I'm equally excited because my parents are also coming over to Cebu in the coming weeks so it's their turn to bond with the little boy.

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