Sunday, May 5, 2013


I had a 2hr meeting to attend to last Saturday (I KNOW, WORKING ON A SATURDAY, HOPEFULLY NEVER AGAIN), and we had to fetch Rocco's grannies from the airport in the afternoon, so I brought along Rocco & Sieg, even if Hubby wasn't feeling well yet. Kawawa nga, he was coughing and feverish, but he never complained for one bit. I love him more than ever for that. We normally don't bring Rocco's yaya with us, but we had to because Hubby couldn't get to near Rocco due to his virus. 
 To pass off time, we brought Rocco to Playroom in Ayala. They normally accept toddlers who are 18months or older, buti nalang they allowed the little boy even if he fell 1month short of their requirement.
 According to Sieg and the yaya, Rocco had so much fun! Two hours of non-stop playing. We're actually thinking of enrolling him to a weekend playschool, but are having second thoughts because in our village, he has a lot of interaction with kids so that in itself is good exposure already.
Hubby said some big boy tried to evict Rocco from the green car he was playing with but Rocco wouldn't budge. Very good, anak!! After some 2hrs++ of play, nagsawa din ang bagets and he asked to be brought outside where he excitedly sat on his stroller to get some rest.

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