Tuesday, October 2, 2012

From Zubuchon to S&R

Weekends are love! As a working mom, I always anticipate weekends because it means quality time with my family. But before everyone thinks that I have the luxury of spending undivided quality time with my son and husband, well, to tell you honestly, it's not as easy as that.

Weekends also mean grocery shopping, stocking up on wet goods, drinking water, gas, general cleaning, planning the weekly menu, etc etc etc. I could go on forever. 

Oh yes, isa na akong dakilang asawa at nanay, and I want to be as hands-on as I can be! :)

Then how do I make sure I still spend quality time with my family? Easy peasy! We make our weekend errands as part of our family activities. Now that Rocco is bigger (and more malikot!), we bring him along almost to wherever we go, except to the wet market.

Last Sunday, after hearing mass, we tagged along Rocco to go S&R shopping! Haaay! It feels like heaven in S&R! If only I have 50,000 in excess cash, I would go wild picking my perfect finds without even checking the hefty price tags! For now, stick to budget lang muna kami :( Rocco was still hyper here even if he missed his afternoon nap. Look at the droopy eyes! Kahit antok na sya, he was fighting it off because he enjoyed being outdoors.
Before going to S&R, we had lunch at Zubochon. It's my first time there, to think na ang tagal ko na sa Cebu :) We ate at their Mango branch expecting lesser customers because it's outside the mall. But wait!!! Puno pa din sya! Siguro nadala sila sa tagline ni Anthony Bourdain na "The tastiest pig ever!" We ordered lechon belly, dinuguan and kalabasa soup for Rocco. The little boy found it to be delicious because he kept asking for more. I think nakaubos sya ng 2 small bowls. Not bad baby boy! :)
For me, OK lang. I still like Tanauan lechon, the one ordered by Mama and Papa for our family gatherings. I also prefer the Boneless Lechon Belly because there are more herbs and spices. For the dinuguan, winner ang Zubuchon kasi malasa and walang malansang smell. But the takeaway winner is their Iba Shake! Panalo!! Especially if you just ate nakakaumay food, pang-neutralize sya sa taste buds :)

All in all, I would say OK naman ang Zubuchon. We shall return :)

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