Friday, October 26, 2012

Walk like an Egyptian

Screenshots from a video we recorded
As I've mentioned in this post, Rocco has been mastering his walking skills for the past 2 weeks, but still he could not find his perfect balance. He would fall, then walk, then fall, then walk all over again. We just kept encouraging him, but didn't force him at all. Sieg & I believe that each child develops at his own pace, no need to rush things.

So it was an awesome surprise to arrive home last night to a walking baby. Rocco was cruising around our living room all on his own! He was able to walk longer without falling down, and very much loving it. His yayas told us that he refused to be carried, or placed in his crib, because all he wanted was to walk.

My gosh! So this is the start of the next phase of parenthood, and that is chasing the little boy around! With his new found independence, he now insists on walking, and walking, and walking around.

Just this afternoon, Sieg took Rocco out for a walk while I was tending to our garden. Basang-basa sa pawis ang ama! Akala mo naglaro ng basketball, naghahabol lang pala ng bata. Hahahaha!

Cheers to another milestone!

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