Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Almost 1 :)

Dear Rocco,

Has it been 11 months? You're growing up so fast, and in a month's time, you'll be officially one year old!

I look back at your pics and videos when you were smaller, and you've really grown quite a lot. You're heavy now, and sometimes it gives Mommy a backache. But I'm not complaining though. I love every single moment that I carry you because I get to smell, cuddle and kiss you.

You see, doing these things is hard now. You're quite independent and starting to form a mind of your own. I imagined kissing and cuddling you till you're 7years old, but as early as now, you know how to resist already.

Still, you show me in many ways just how much you love me, and of course your Daddy too. I'm basking in happiness every time you look for me when you wake up, when you say in your cutest voice "Cayi Cayi" because you want me to carry you.

I love our tender moments before going to sleep, when you touch my face, and I kiss your forehead, and then you place you head in my shoulder and hug me while I dance you to sleep.

I love it when you ask for reassurance when you're treading new milestones, like when you look at me just before you take a big step to walking on your own, or when you smile at me when you're able to finish your food. I will forever be your number one supporter in all your milestones, be it small or big.

Sometimes I fight tears when we have moments like these. Tears of joy, for the unexplainable happiness that you bring to our lives, and tears of fear, for so many anxieties and paranoia that motherhood brings.

I pray that you stay healthy and strong. That Mama Mary and Papa Jesus will continue to envelope you in their sphere of protection and will keep you out of harm's way. I pray that you will grow up to be faithful, God-fearing, respectful and obedient to your elders.

We look forward to your first birthday. Everyone is coming to Cebu. That's how much they love you!

Happy 11th Rocco. We love you big time!


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