Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bless Our Visitors

So nice because even if our home is a bit far from the city, we still have visitors dropping by :)
Last weekend, we had our Lexmark friends for lunch. It was a delayed housewarming lunch which finally pushed through after our schedules were lighter. I cooked pork sinigang, chopsuey, pansit sotanghon, while Sieg grilled mamsa fish and liempo. We had cake and assorted ice cream for dessert! Talk about calories!

Times have really changed. Everyone in the group is married now, and conversations circled around houses, work, future plans, children, and pregnancy. I hope weekend get togethers like this happen often.

We also had the Yanuario family for dinner a few days ago. They were here in Cebu to process some medical papers. Genevieve and I go a long way back. We became friends since we were in Grade Six, and though we rarely see each other these days, the friendship is still there. It's really true that distance will never break true friends. The moment you see each other again, you just pick up on lost time, and it always feels like you just saw each other yesterday.

To prove that Gen and I have our lives interwined now, I'm ninang to Yzzie her eldest, she & Yasser (her husband) are godparents to Rocco. Gen was also one of the principal sponsors for our civil wedding two years ago.

Their family is migrating to Australia and I wish them ALL THE BEST!!!! Hopefully we can visit you guys and see some real kangaroos!

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