Friday, October 19, 2012

Baby Steps

Rocco is now in the crawling-climbing-walking stage. He's started practicing his steps while inside his crib. Now, he can easily traverse from one end to the other without holding on the anything because he's comfortable falling down when he's there. He knows that he will just hit a soft spot. 

When outside his crib, he still gets the jitters. He needs that reassurance that he won't get hurt that's why he has to hold on to something. When we walk with him by hand, he can make big steps, but when we start to let go, he gets stiff! 

But when we encourage him non-stop, he gets the confidence to take his own steps. It still amazes me on how big the impact positive reinforcement can bring to a child's development. This is something that we will definitely continue to incorporate in our parenting strategies :)

I played this video over and over again. And each time, I smile and feel my eyes get misty. Definitely tears of joy! :) I'm one stage momma :)

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