Thursday, October 4, 2012

My thoughts: What not to buy for babies

When I found out I was pregnant, all things cute and babyish where like fancy to my eyes. I wanted to hoard and buy them all! I remember we frequented the baby section of SM, Rustans, Ayala, and if there was Mothercare in Cebu, I bet that would have been my new tambayan too! I guess it's the pregnancy hormones and the excitement of it all.

But I also remember Ate Dynah profusely telling me to not waste my money buying this and that. Of course, I didn't listen. Haha! But as Rocco grew in the past months, I realize now that he really just used the essentials, and the rest were either minimally used, or totally useless.

Here's my rundown so far:

1. Playgyms & playmats
We didn't buy this but received it as a gift, and it's quite expensive. It is a large playgym from Tiny Love, complete with kickpads. Unfortunately, Rocco didn't really care where he was placed. Heck! He even loves being placed in the "banig"! The playgym is rarely used. To maximize it, I just removed the hanging toys and used it as inidividual toys for Rocco.

2. Wipes
Before Rocco was born, I hoarded on wipes. But later on, I realized that cotton with water, or the faucet itself is the best way to clean Rocco's bum. Wipes are only used when we're out.

3. A wooden crib
Thank God I thought twice before buying this. It would not have served its purpose at all! First, Rocco co-sleeps with us, and second, he's so active now that placing him in a wooden crib would just result to injury. I highly suggest getting a movable playard instead. We got one, and it's used all the time!

4. A baby sling
Maybe it will work for others, but sadly, it didn't work for me. Rocco just doesn't want to be placed in a sling. He feels restricted, it's way too hot, and I always fear that he will have displaced hips. I'm selling my unused sling, any takers? :)

5. Walker
It served its purpose...for a few times only. We didn't anticipate that Rocco would be really taller than the prescribed height of his walker. After a few uses, his feet would get stuck in the walker.

6. Baby Rocker
I must say, we used it quite frequently when Rocco was 0-3months, but when Rocco started to gain his strength and mobility, he just didn't like being strapped in the rocker. Buti nalang it was given as a gift because it's so expensive! 

7. Too many toys!
Who doesn't like toys? They're so cute I always want to buy them all! But after a few plays, Rocco gets bored and looks for other things. He prefers remote controls, cellphones, lotion cases, bottle covers, heck, he even likes playing with his comb! His toys are now on display.

8. Expensive stroller
Rocco doesn't want to be strapped down. Period. We bring his stroller when we go out but we always end up carrying him. Thank God his stroller is only mid-priced or else, it would be another wasted purchase.

9. Too many baby clothes
This one I could not resist! I just had to buy him overalls, onesies, and cute pajamas, shirts, and what say you. In reality, Rocco prefers wearing only his cloth diapers and sandos. Sobrang pawisin na baby so walang silbi ang mga overalls at pajamas. He also quickly outgrew most of his clothes because he's a big boy. By now, he's wearing 2T-4T clothes.

10. Too many baby shoes
They're just cute! But in reality, babies are babies, and they cannot walk yet. When in the house, Rocco's just barefoot. We only put socks when he's asleep at night. I suggest to invest in good walking shoes instead, one that is sturdy and durable, and comfortable enough while the baby is just learning how to walk.

11. Fancy feeding tools
I admit, I overboarded on this. Haha! I bought Rocco sippy cups, catch bibs, boon squirts and colorful baby spoons. Just couldn't resist their cuteness. In reality, Rocco eats more when we use the regular silver metal spoon. We don't use the catch bib anymore because he still makes a mess even when he has it on him. The boon squirt? Not used because Rocco prefers mashed over liquified food. For the sippy cup, he just doesn't like it. I guess it's too thick for him, and he still prefers the Avent spout.

Next post: The baby essentials frequently used by Rocco! :)

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