Thursday, October 11, 2012

Someone loves Disney Junior!

I know, babies aren't supposed to watch TV until they're 3years old. But is it really a fact, or some myth? Can we ever avoid TV? I seriously cannot, because I love TV too! Keeping a curious baby preoccupied is also tough, mind you! So if nothing else works, Disney Junior to the rescue! :) 

When Disney Junior fails, I turn to the ever reliable Youtube and download cute cartoons! Most of the time, I even find myself singing to the tunes. LSS kung LSS :)

The key there is to limit TV time. We only allow Rocco 30min a day during weekdays, and that is in the morning. During weekends, we let him watch a little longer because we watch too (bad parents! haha). I think letting babies watch limited TV also has its benefits. For one, my nieces speak really good English just by watching Disney Junior.

Rocco's current faves are Tayo the Little Bus, Pororo the Little Penguin, Agent OSO, and the ever dependable Old McDonald!
Sitting pretty while watching Old McDonald :)
 He's very interested, and even imitates some of the sounds!
Watching IMAX, anak? Relax eh!

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