Saturday, August 18, 2012

Eating time has become more fun!

Thank God for Rocco's yayas who are so patient to feed him even if he is having his "off" mood, his eating habits have greatly improved! I for myself sometimes cannot tolerate when the little boy refuses to eat solid food that I just give up. But then I remind myself time and time again what his Pedia said. Consistency & patience are the keywords.

So every morning, I try my very best to wake up at 6:00AM so we can have more feeding time. Normally it lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour, so I really have to prepare in advance, or else I'll be late for work.

I used to follow the 3-day rule when introducing new food to Rocco, but this did not seem to help because the little boy easily gets bored with repeated food. So I ditched the 3-day rule and offered more variety. If he doesn't want banana, I give him grapes. If he eats only little, I offer avocado (his all time fave). I also make sure to give him rice & veggies. Chicken & fish, not so.

Recently, he started eating table food. He eats pansit, ginisang kalabasa, tinola soup, and even cooked rice (not the lugaw type). He even eats bread and loves it more than Marie. I just let him hold the bread even if most of the time, he makes a mess. This way, he learns more about texture and also learns how to feed himself.
 Rocco eating his ginisang kalabasa and lugaw.Having fun much lang ang peg! Smile kung smile:)
Rocco just finished eating his bread and is playing with the left-behind crumbs.

I'm really happy about the positive turnout of this whole solid feeding saga. I hope this won't stop, and will continue forever and ever. Just as Rocco's pedia said, consistency and patience is all I need.

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