Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Perfect Day

A perfect day would definitely be spent with Rocco and Sieg. We've been blessed with a lot of long holidays this month of August, and we definitely enjoyed the time off.

Surprisingly, the last long weekend (August 25-28) was the only chance for us to really relax. Previously, we would either be out doing errands, or buying stuff for the house, or entertaining visitors. This time around, we just stayed at home, and soaked in the happiness of finally settling down into our new home.

This is and my wacky boys. We woke up late, ate late, and bathed late. Of course, Rocco took a bath on time :) We cooked home food, enjoyed fresh grilled fish and sinigang, watched TV, played with Rocco, and then went to Mandaue Foam to shop for super comfy pillows (They're on sale!).

Just the perfect day. Sana marami pang ganito :)

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