Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My ME Time

ALL I FELT WAS BURNOUT, from moving houses, to arranging logistics, doing groceries, taking care of the baby, entertaining visitors, all on top of office work. I was already feeling extremely tired and sick. I was on the onset of having colds and fever, but thankfully it did not progress.

Yesterday I went to work as usual, but I could not focus because I was feeling too drained already. I just wanted to relax ALL BY MYSELF. So I decided to take the rest of the day off.

Sieg and I had a lunch date first, because I gave my things to him so I wouldn't have to carry heavy stuff. After lunch, he went back to work, and my ME TIME started.

I bought a movie ticket to watch The Bourne Legacy. ALL BY MYSELF. If it was me five years ago, I wouldn't dare watch a movie by myself, but yesterday, I was super duper excited!

I chose a seat where I can raise my legs without bothering anyone. Before going in, I bought my favorite popcorn & iced tea from Taters. I really enjoyed the full 2.5hours of the movie. I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated.

After the movie, I went shopping a bit. Hubby strictly told me to not get anything for the house. No grocery shopping, no looking for house items, no toys for Rocco, etc. Dapat daw, it's ALL FOR ME. Naks, ang thoughtful naman ng aking asawa :)

After shopping, I went to THE SPA to get a VIP Room. It costs a hefty sum, but I really wanted to enjoy my day so I was willing to spend that much. Sadly, the whole venue was booked until 7PM. Sayang! So off I went to Ruiz Derma & Spa (the only other available spa in Ayala). I booked a nice lady to handle my massage. I thought it would just be the typical swedish massage that I avail in other spas, but she incorporated reflexology. My gosh, that was THE BEST massage I ever had in my entire life!!!! At first, I was squirming in pain from the pressure points, then I literally dozed off a bit because it was really relaxing.

After my spa, I was supposed to hang out at the coffee shop, but it was getting late already, and just in time, Sieg picked me up, and we went home.

Sieg thinks it's really a great idea to have our respective ME time. He will take his soon. It's a great refresher especially for us who are so busy with work, parenthood, and at the same time running a household. As for me, I cannot wait till my next ME TIME!!!! :)

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