Monday, August 20, 2012

Jack the Penguin...and his twin!

Rocco's first ever toy is this Lamaze squeaky Penguin toy. We named him Jack, from I don't know where. I remember, it just sounded right, and we got stuck with that name ever since. I bought it when I was still pregnant, not knowing that it would be Rocco's all time favorite, so far.
It's his pacifier, teether & toy rolled into one. He can't drink his milk without holding it, he bites on it like there's no tomorrow. If only Jack can talk. He doesn't even play with his other toys anymore, pang display nalang.
Because he loves Jack so much, his Grandma Marlyn bought a tweenie, another squeaky toy which I'm tempted to name as Jackie. My MIL bought it to make sure Rocco has a reserve toy everytime we wash the squeaky penguin. Yes, we have to wash it almost every other day because he keeps biting on it, and milk residue are left behind which are prone to ants & bugs.

They say every child has that special toy or item which they are very fond of or find hard to let go. Others are blankets, tags, mosquito nets, etc. For Rocco, it's definitely Jack the Penguin..and Jackie too!

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