Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The reason I was MIA

We were busy moving in to our new home, where Rocco will grow up with his future brother or sister, and where we will build memories as a family. It was a very tiring weekend, organizing everything, while carrying my baby who loved every single minute spent with me. The feeling is actually mutual.

I kinda miss our townhouse, the place we temporarily called home for 2 years, where Rocco was made, and where he grew for 8 months. I love that place. I will bring Rocco there someday.

We were out of civilization with no internet, cable, landline, but thank God all are installed now. That's the power of pangungulit :) We're still tidying up our new home, lots of boxes here and there. It will take a few more weeks before we can finally settle down.

Till then!

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