Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy 9th!

Dearest Rocco,

Nine months ago, I gave birth to you, my little shaolin. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw your super chinky eyes, much like your Daddy, and your Grandma Marlyn. You had really great skin, not wrinkled like the other babies in the nursery. You slept a lot, really a lot, and it gave me so much time to just gaze at you, and soak in the feeling of being a mommy to a cute little boy.

Fast forward to today, you're already an active little boy! When Mommy & Daddy are around, you refuse to sleep because you want to play with us the whole day.  You crawl a lot, climb on everything, and is very enthusiastic about walking! You shriek in delight when we tickle you that sometimes we have to stop, because you just laugh too much. You also love to clap your hands when you enjoy something. I somehow understand because you miss us so much when we're away for work. We miss you too always baby.

You also talk a lot now..mostly babbles, but I recognize some clear words. I know when you call me Mama, or Mommy, or you call your Daddy. When you're too excited or happy, you start blabbing words. I'm looking forward to the time when I can understand you already. For now, I'm just contented with imaginative answers to your babbles.

You also eat well now. You love avocado, banana, pansit, bread, kalabasa, brown rice lugaw, sinigang soup, and many more. But when you're not in the mood, you show Mommy that a NO means a NO. You turn away from me, you purse your lips, you stick your tongue out, or if nothing works, you cry out loud. I'm so amazed at how you can express your emotions now, and I respect all of that.

You also love music, especially Andrea Bocelli and Sitti Navarro. Of course you'd love it, Mommy play their songs every single day to put you to sleep. You also love Pororo, and Tayo the Little Bus, because those are the cartoons playing at Disney Junior every single day at 6AM. Mommy doesn't allow you to watch too much TV yet, so you only get to watch every morning during breakfast.

Bath time is also a riot now. You don't want to sit down, so we always have to hold you while you're jumping all around. Imagine three people holding you down just so you won't knock your head. We always end up wet, just like you! Mommy will look for a mini-pool now so you can enjoy your bath time more, without knocking your head :)

You're also smart! You can find hidden objects just by following clues. One time, we hid your favorite toy under the blanket. You kept looking for it, and eventually found it just by following the sound it was making. Mommy and Daddy were so amazed!

And speaking of your favorite toy, I wonder what's with Jack the Penguin that makes you love him sooo much! He is the only toy for you. When he is around, you're always gigil to bite him. Mommy always has to make sure that Jack is around especially when you're not in the mood, because he always has a way of pacifying you :)

Ohh, and before I forget, you have teeth now, the cutest pair of teeth I've ever seen :)

Happy 9th month Rocco!!! We love you nine times over!

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  1. Happy nine months Rocco!!! I'll see you next month! :)



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