Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wedding Weekend: Traveling to Tagaytay with the Fam

After meeting up with my friends from SMART, we convoyed with my sister, her hubby & son to the airport to fetch our parents. They also traveled to Manila to attend my SIL's wedding. Good thing we were able to convince them to take the short vacation.

After we fetched them, we traveled immediately to Tagaytay, but made a stopover at Solenade, Nuvali. It's a nice place, but the Alfresco style mall feels a lot like Parkmall. We roamed around a bit but didn't stay for long because it was raining, it was getting late, and the road was getting foggy.
My family stayed at a super nice cottage at DAP, Tagaytay. The place had full amenities, para talagang suite, with own parking pa. Meanwhile, we stayed at Taal Vista with my in-laws.
After dropping off their things at the cottage, we had dinner at RSM Lutong Bahay. Ang sarap ng bulalo, kaya lang sobrang over priced!!! Buti nalang treat ni Papa, hehe :) We didn't stay for long also because it was getting really late and we had our kids with us, and everyone was tired from traveling the whole day. We just passed by Robinsons to buy some grocery items before we went to Taal Vista, and my family to the DAP cottage.

After we settled down in our suite, Rocco got a big and bonggang surprise!
His Uncle Jojo, my hubby's brother who is based in Dubai got him an Ipad Mini. Ang swerte naman ng batang ito. Sa panahon namin, mga bato at dahon ang laruan ko. Ngayon, puro gadgets na. Of course, we're very conscious not to spoil the little boy too much and we limit his exposure to TV and gadgets. 

The next day was my SIL's wedding day! It was a day of answered prayers and miracles. More stories to come!

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