Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our Imperial Palace Experience

As I've mentioned in another post, we spent my husband's birthday at the Imperial Palace Waterpark in Mactan, Cebu. We booked an overnight suite because his parents along with his brother who was home from Dubai, visited us in time for his birthday.

We arrived just a little past 2PM because there was heavy traffic due to extensive road repair. Because the hotel was fully booked, housekeeping was super busy so it took them around 30min before they could usher us to our room. We didn't mind the waiting time because they served us welcome drinks and we sat comfortably in their lounge area.
As soon as we checked-in the suite, we unpacked our staff and prayed to God that it would stop raining. Yes, it was raining on Hubby's birthday, definitely a sign of more blessings to come! Rocco warmed up to his Uncle immediately even if it was the first time they've met. Kita naman sa smile :)
Rocco seemed to enjoy the luxurious room so much because he checked on every nook of the suite. Lakad dito, lakad doon. It's really nice to see Rocco exploring his surroundings. He's so curious and would even point out if something interests him. 
As soon as the rain stopped pouring, we didn't waste time and immediately explored the place. My gulay, it felt like we were in Korea, Japan, China, or basta sa mga bansang madaming Intsik! Kami lang ata ang Pinoy na naka check-in. Around 95% of the tourists were from the countries mentioned above, but I think mostly Korea. Buti nalang "belong" ang aking baby sa kanyang pagka tsinito. Anyway, the boys went swimming. Rocco is such a water baby! Swim swim swim lang sya the whole afternoon. I badly wanted to join them but for vanity's sake, tiniis ko. TMI but I had a hair treatment done and bawal maligo sa pool. Hay. Anyway, the place is so huge, so far the best waterpark I've seen so far!
Oh yeah, that's my boy digging the chicks :) Seriously, there's a fitness program at the Waterpark every morning and afternoon. The time we were there, they were having a zumba class.
Beautiful place! We stayed at the waterpark until after sunset then headed to our suite to get ready for dinner. We met up with my father who was also in Cebu for a business meeting. Let me just say that traffic in Mactan is so bad! It took us 1 hour and 30 minutes just to reach the Ayala Mall. The ride back to Imperial was just as worse. Nakabalik kami almost 11PM na. We lost expensive time due to traffic.
The next day, we woke up early so we can start early at the breakfast buffet. There were too many people because it was fully booked that day, but the resort had an efficient system and everyone had a reserved seat. The food was OK, nothing spectacular. They had a lot of Chinese and Korean dishes. I was hoping it would be more international than that, like some Italian or American cuisine. After breakfast, we headed back to the waterpark para sulit naman ang stay. Ang init lang kaya todo sunblock kaming lahat. We stayed until lunchtime because our checkout was extended to 1PM.
Camwhores, we just had to take our group shot. 
After checking out, we stayed at the lounge area for a few hours because the air was so fresh and nice. Sa sobrang nice, nakatulog si Rocco, which rarely happens everytime we're out of the house. After Rocco woke up, we got our things and called it a day..or so we thought :)

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