Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rocco's Latest Fave: Dutchmill

How I wish this is a sponsored post so I'll get lots of Dutchmill supply to last till Rocco doesn't want it anymore.

Oh yes, Rocco is super addicted to Dutchmill! I do hope that it's really packed with nutrients as it claims in the label. Feeding Rocco is never a problem now, and I hope it stays that way forever! Around two weeks ago, I searched the grocery for alternative juice drinks to give him aside from his milk & water. Sabi kasi ng pedia nya give him variety para hindi magsawa.

Then I saw these cute Dutchmill in small packaging.
I got a few pieces for each flavor just to try out which one Rocco will like. Aba! Nagustuhan lahat. Simot sarap hanggang nagssound na ang straw sa kakahigop nya. We're controlling his intake to one pack a day kasi mataas din sa sugar ang juice drinks.
Oh yeah, he's seriously drinking Dutchmill for breakfast. Simot sarap!
And this is what he did after drinking. So expressive! :)

PS. Pardon the blurry pics. These are screengrabs from a video. Video taking is way easier now that Rocco is a toddler. Ang hirap magpicture sa isang napakalikot na bata.

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