Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hubby's 3x's Birthday Weekend :)

FYI: This is a photo-bomb post. We had so much fun celebrating Siegfred's 3x's birthday that we just snapped away a lot of photos!
Sieg's brother, who is my batchmate from highschool was home from Dubai to attend my SIL's wedding next week. They took it as an opportunity to make a side trip to Cebu in time for hubby's birthday. We visited the San Pedro Calungsod Chapel at the SM Seaside City to say our prayer of thanksgiving for the gift of life (Photo Source on the upper right: Inquirer).

After church, we went straight to Zubuchon, as requested by my BIL. We feasted on lechon! Panira ng diet pero masarap eh! I also love their dinuguan, and of course, the now famous kamias shake. We did not stay long for lunch because we were all excited to check in at the Imperial Palace Resort & Waterpark in Mactan.

We booked the Cebu Suite. A very luxurious room, I must say! Sulit ang bayad..NILA, kasi hindi ko afford! :) Thank you to my very generous BIL who shouldered our grand staycation :) More of our stay at the Imperial Palace in a dedicated post :)
I posted this in Facebook this morning. It was a very happy day indeed. Rocco had so much fun swimming, eating and playing, he hardly slept! Kami naman, most especially ako, pagod kakahabol here and there. Ganyan talaga ang trying hard maging dakilang ina :)

After checking out this afternoon, we chilled for a few more hours kasi sobrang sarap ng hangin sa lounge area of Imperial Palace. We were supposed to go home na afterwards, but Sieg suggested we checkout Crimson Resort. It's another high-end resort that we were considering for our weekend stay, pero fully-booked na din sila. Ang ganda pala, although parang sobrang laid-back and pang-honeymooners ang peg ng resort. We ended up staying there for the rest of our afternoon because it was so relaxing. Rocco had a lot of fun running around the manicured lush garden beside their beachfront cafe.

Thank God that it turned out to be quite a fun and memorable birthday for my husband. He seemed so happy, so I'm OK with that. Hindi pa nga tapos ang weekend so may continuation pa tomorrow kasi Sunday naman. Enjoy lang ng enjoy! :)

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