Monday, February 11, 2013

Morning Boo-boo

Saying goodbye to Rocco every single work day is always heartbreaking. When he was smaller, I would put him to sleep before leaving for work. It somehow lessened the guilt that I was feeling for leaving him.

When he became more awake at daytime, putting him to sleep became a struggle so I just asked the yayas to distract him while we're going out. It worked for a while, until he learned how to walk.

One instance triggered the start of our morning boo-boo. He saw us getting into the car, and he somehow thought all the while that he would also get in (because that weekend we were in the car for long periods of travel). When he saw us leaving, he cried like there's no tomorrow. My heart was super crushed. Haaay.

After that, he would always think of cute tactics to delay us. He would pretend not to hear us while we're asking for a goodbye kiss, or pretend to sleep on my shoulder when I carry him before leaving. Just recently, he started bringing my lunchbox around and refused to give it to me. He even asked his yaya to put on his bag and waited by the door kasi daw sasama sya.
These are screengrabs from a video I took one morning when he carried my lunchbox around and put on his bag. Ang cute!!

Though I've gotten used to the guilty feeling, there are still days when it pains me. I know this is just temporary and pretty soon, Rocco will start to understand why we leave for work.

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