Sunday, November 4, 2012

Oooh Christmas Tree!

Hello boys and girls!!

I've been on blogging hiatus because both Rocco and I got sick. I caught a bad case of flu. Ok lang sana na ako ang may sakit, but last Wednesday, the little boy was hotter than usual. He was still in a playful mode the whole day, walang ubo, or sipon, kaya di ko alam why he had fever. The best guess is it might be because he was teething. He's got two big upper teeth coming out, and aside from fever, he was drooling like a vampire. Hehehe.

To control his fever, I gave him tempra and cold sponge bath. Medyo calm pa ako kasi his fever only went up as high as 38.6C, but come nightime, naloka na ako kasi umabot na ng 39.5C. We prepared Opigesic (paracetamol suppository) in case his temp went to 40C. As usual, Mommy lang mode ang Rocco. He's like that when he's sick. Walang kinikilalang ibang tao kundi ang Mommy lang nya. It was a totally sleepless night for me, carrying him in his sleep, and then checking his temp every 10minutes. What made it worse was that I myself was also sick. Haaaay the sacrifices that mothers have to make :)

Thank God his fever was gone by Thursday. He was back to his jolly old self, though still a bit weak. By Friday, he was super A-OK na. To celebrate, we decided to put up our Christmas tree!!!

Guess who was most excited?
Grabe sa tuwa ang batang ito. Nakakatanggal talaga ng pagod, at mas nakakaexcite magcelebrate ng Christmas. We had a fun time putting up the Christmas tree. Sieg prepared gulaman and french fries, while I cooked pansit, and we watched "Ang Babae sa Septic Tank" while decorating the tree.

And here's the finished product! Taaadaaaah!!! Just the perfect little Christmas tree for our small family :) Rocco was so mesmerized with the decors, and mas lalong napa-WOW when we turned on the Christmas lights. Kulang nalang ang gifts, kumpleto na! :)

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