Friday, November 23, 2012

How Rocco spent his birthday, Part 1

Rocco knew it was his birthday. He woke up extra early, around 4:30AM to be exact, and demanded to be carried by his mama. He's like that when he's looking for extra lambing. Sometimes I have to carry him to the CR with me even when I pee because he just wants to be with his mama.

I was extra excited because we prepared something special for Rocco. I wanted our home to have the birthday vibe, and what else can I do to achieve that but to decorate! Because I love craftwork, it was pure labor of love. I made banderitas out of crepe paper, bought a pack of balloons and manually pumped air using a manual balloon pump. After that, I painstakingly pinned each banderitas and balloon to its proper places.

Taddaah! Pardon the poor angling of photos. I was dead tired from decorating and was eager to retire for the night.
When Rocco woke up on his birthday, Sieg & I were both eager to see how he would react to our festive decors. He didn't disappoint because he was super amazed! He kept saying "Waaaaaw" while pointing to the decors. Sayang the photos turned out super blurry because I was still sleepy and forgot to adjust the shutter speed.

After Rocco's AHA moment with the decors, we strolled around the village. We all love this bonding time in the early morning, when we can still feel the cold mist of the dawn, and the sun is just starting to shine, when everybody else are still asleep, yet here we are, ready to start our day.
Because it was Rocco's birthday, we took the whole day off. We spent the morning playing, while waiting for the priest who would bless our house. We just love hearing our little boy shriek in delight every time his Daddy throws him up in the air. He's also very fond of the remote control now. He actually knows where the OFF button is.
Yes, we had several attempts to organize a house blessing but it just didn't fly, so we decided to just hold it on Rocco's birthday. Perfect timing.
After the short but sweet house blessing, we had sumptuous lunch prepared by yours truly. It was just us, our small family, just the way we like it, plus our girls of course, who we consider as our extended family already. Of course, we had to do our monthly tradition of blowing the birthday cake. This one was extra special so we had our party hats on. How cute is our boy wearing his special birthday hat!
We we delightfully surprised when the girls told us they had birthday gifts for Rocco. Honestly, I was super touched by their gesture. They spent their hard earned salary to buy something special for their alaga. Rocco couldn't wait till the presents were opened that he had to do it himself. Thank you to our girls for the bowling set and the toy car! Very nice gifts!
That didn't end Rocco's birthday. We took our early afternoon nap and headed of to church, then had some fun time at the zoo! More to come on my next post.

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