Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How Rocco spent his birthday, Part 2

After Rocco took his afternoon nap on his birthday, we headed off to the city to do 2 things: visit the church, and fetch Grandma Marlyn at the airport. But before we visited the Carmelite Monastery, we made a quick decision and detoured to Rainforest Park. The day was for Rocco, so might as well squeeze in activities that would be enjoyable to the little birthday boy.
We passed by this place countless times already but we never thought even for once to drop by and take a peek, until today. All of us were equally excited! It is a paid facility, and we went there on a weekday so we kinda expected a smaller crowd, but still, there were lots of kids there! It's just a small place, the main features are the dancing fountain, a mini zipline for kids, an aviary, and an oceanarium.
Rocco was amazed with the aviary. He saw some peacocks, multi-colored birds, parrots, tarsiers, and even a roaming deer. So cute because he wasn't scared at all and even went near the birds.
We spent a longer time at the aviary and just skipped the oceanarium because it was getting late already. It was actually a fun first time experience of introducing theme parks to Rocco. I hope Cebu will develop more theme parks and zoos so that kids and families will have more cool places to visit.

After our short trip to Rainforest, we went to Church, and then headed off to the airport to fetch Grandma Marlyn. By that time, the birthday boy was already fast asleep in Mommy's arms. When we arrived home, it was already good night in lala-land for Rocco.

It was indeed a happy and intimate birthday for Rocco. The real action happened during the weekend when the entire Geonzon and Ofonda families all came to Cebu to celebrate with us. Rocco is so much loved, because everyone came, plus more! 

More stories coming soon.

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