Friday, November 30, 2012

Rocco's Fab Birthday Weekend: Sa Jollibee, Bida ang Saya!

For Rocco's first birthday party, Sieg and I decided to just hold an intimate party for our family and a selected group of friends. We've just transferred to our new home, and our expenses were high rocketing, plus the fact that I didn't have time to organize a big party for him. We figured, Rocco is still a baby and wouldn't even appreciate clowns and mascots, plus, we only have a few kids in our guestlist.

We were choosing between Shakey's, McDo, and Jollibee theme parties. What stood out was Jollibee Parkmall. It's a new branch, the space is really big for parties, there are a lot of open parking spaces, plus, we really love Parkmall!

As early as July, we already booked the venue. Eager beaver lang ang peg namin. We wanted to make sure that the party date wouldn't be moved because we have visitors coming from Tacloban and Manila and it would be such a headache to request for plane ticket rebookings.

Sadly, Jollibee Parkmall was very strict with their party details. Themes not in their list are not allowed, cakes not ordered from Red Ribbon are not allowed, special loot bags are not allowed. Sobrang dami pa. Gusto ko pa naman ng Pororo theme. I didn't argue anymore and just went with whatever they had. 

With Grandma Flor, my nieces Chloe and Callie, and nephew Zachary
With my in-laws: Papa Tol, Ann, and Mama Marlyn
The Geonzon Family. Missing are Ate Dona and Kuya Junjo
 In fairness, the party was fun and alive. The host did great in entertaining the guests.
 The host calling in some kids with their mommy/daddy
 The games were super fun! The kids loved it.
Even the grown-ups enjoyed too!
 With friends from work...
 With cutie baby Elise who just turned one a few weeks ago...
 With family friends...
 And relatives...
And more friends from work. Love love!
What's a Jolli Party without Jollibee himself? 
Our friends and family sang with us as our little boy blew his birthday cake.
It was a simple and intimate celebration of Rocco's first year, surrounded by family and friends :)

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