Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rocco's Fab Birthday Weekend, Part 1

Way back July, Sieg and I decided to hold Rocco's birthday here in Cebu. We thought, he was born here, so might as well celebrate his first birthday in his rightful birthplace. He is a natural Bisdak :) It would have been easier to hold his party in Tacloban because our families are there, but we figured out, it could double as a family vacation for everyone if they come to Cebu for Rocco's birthday.

And I'm so happy they did! That's all that mattered to us, to have our families complete as we celebrated this very important milestone. From my side, my parents, Kuya and his wife and kids plus yaya, Ate Dynah and his husband and son all came. My tita (mama's sister) also came. From Sieg's side, his parents and sister came. Those who weren't present were abroad (my sister and her husband, and Sieg's brother).

It was also a perfect occasion for them to visit because we just transferred to our new home, and they haven't had the chance to see it yet. We managed to squeeze in everyone in our house. It was a literally full house because there were 20 of us, kids and yayas  included, who slept in for 3 days. Thank God, he provisioned for everyone to have his/her own space, be comfortable and sleep well in our 4 rooms.
My in-laws arrived earlier last Friday so they headed straight home to play with Rocco. My family arrived late so they went first to the mall while waiting for Sieg & I to finish with our work. The kids were such troopers and not once did they throw tantrums. Love love!
Mornings became fun chaos! The kitchen was always super busy cooking brekky, while we ate in batches. Those who woke up early enjoyed the most yummy treats :) The kids were everywhere running around, playing with toys, and going gaga over Rocco.
Just before lunch, my in-laws and  I headed off to Casa Verde, Ramos to reserve seats, while my side of the family made quick visits to Magellan's Cross and Sto. Nino Church.
We were a fun bunch, all 20 of us, including the yayas. We feasted on the best baby back ribs in town, plus some more mouth-watering meals. Sobrang busog talaga! After lunch, my in-laws went to SM for some quick shopping, while my family continued with their Cebu tour.
Since I rode in the car with my in-laws, I killed off time at the kiddie painting area with Ann, while Rocco took his afternoon nap. Afterwards, it was off to Parkmall for Rocco's Jolli Party.

More stories to come!

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