Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happiness is spelled R-O-C-C-O

Mommy: Where is Rocco Pogi?
Rocco lets out his toothy grin and points to his picture in the console table.

My heart is overflowing with good.


Last weekend, we had a lot of errands in preparation for our family who will be visiting Cebu for Rocco's birthday. We left early and brought Rocco along with us.

When we arrived home...
Yaya 1: Ate the house was so quiet today. It's so different without Rocco.
Me: Why, you miss him?
Yaya 1: Yes, we miss him!

I'm lucky to have them.


The girls went to the mall last Sunday for their dayoff. They just had their payday so when they arrived home, they had lots of loots. I was attending to Rocco in the 2nd floor so I did not mind them. After a while Hubby approached me.

Hubby: They have a gift for Rocco.
Me: Really? So touching naman.

Later that day, I went to their room to get a cloth diaper because Rocco pooped, and I saw a big box of bowling set. Of course I'm just assuming that it's their gift :)

Still, I'm touched.

Rocco is really our source of happiness. Our home is so alive because of him. Everyday I thank God for blessing us with our baby boy.

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