Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Prenup Pictorial, A Year Ago

I vividly remember the day we had our prenup.

We just got our car, and it was spanking new :)

We made friends with a fine makeup artist, who also alternated as our alalay or PA. "She" was so much fun to be with, and had a lot of stories about her lovelife :) Our photographers were initially OK. I really liked their output from their portfolio that's why we got them, but turns out they had a lot of tardiness issues. They were late during our prenup,  and as expected, they were also late in delivering our final prints! Kalurks.

Anyway, that day just passed by so quickly, and at the end of it all, we were so dead tired. Mahirap pala maging artista, or model :)

Sad to say, I misplaced the CD that was given to us :( I'm not sure if it's in our house in Cebu, or in Tacloban. I remember copying all the files into a hard drive, but I still couldn't locate the files. Hopefully, I'll find it soon!

Here are some photos that I fortunately uploaded in our wedsite. Enjoy!

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