Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby Leaf on Kids-Agogo!

I've written on this blog before that we're contemplating on using cloth diapers for Rocco. I'll just test how it'll turn out. Probably, we'll mix it with disposables, depending on how "tamad" I'll be :)

Anyway, I found this new mompreneur who's selling cloth diapers called BABY LEAF, similar to the imported brand, Fuzzibunz. I still have to check on the quality of the product, but based on the initial reviews that I've read, seems like it's a good local brand.

The good news is, they're on sale at Kids Agogo.  It's actually just a small discount. Their price marketing strategy is quite lame (hehe) because it says,

50% Off on Baby Leaf One Size Cloth Diapers. Pay P295 Only (Valued at P590)!

In reality, the price per item is only P350, or 3 for P1000, not at the advertised price of P590. Hmmm. Anyway, it's still a good deal for starters. 

Visit http://kids-agogo.com for more info. Have patience on their site, there are some registry issues. 

Happy Shopping!

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