Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm 29 weeks and counting!

I had my monthly OB checkup, and so far everything is A-OK! 

Some great news:
1. My blood pressure is normal.
2. My weight gain is also steady.
3. Rocco's heartbeat is strong.
4. Rocco's fetal movement is very active.

My OB instructed me to start tracking Rocco's fetal movement within 2 hours after lunch and dinner. I got a bit anxious when she said that if the movement is less than 10, I have to inform her immediately and request for admission because Rocco might be in distress or tied around the umbilical cord. I hope it doesn't happen :(

On a slightly bad news, Rocco is still in a breech position! He seems to be enjoying his comfortable space inside mommy's tummy and won't budge :)  My OB said this is not yet alarming because the baby has still room to grow, and will eventually turn to the birthing position on my 8th month. If not, she may manually turn the baby around (and it hurts!). If that doesn't work, hello CS! 

I found a good website about breech babies and how to position them properly for birthing. I might try a few tricks :) Here's the link.

I also have to schedule an appointment with an endocrinologist just to check and monitor my thyroid hormones. I had a thyroid operation 2 years ago and though all my tests are normal, it's better to be checked by an expert :)

Starting next month, my pre-natal checkup will be twice a month already. After that, it would be on a weekly schedule already! 

The days are coming fast! It's gonna be judgement day SOON! :)

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