Tuesday, August 27, 2013

After 1.5 months, I'm Back!

I'm back!!!

On the record, this is the longest time I haven't blogged. As always, life got in the way :) Still, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my stats are continuously spiking even if I haven't updated for more than a month. In gratitude, I am back with a vengeance, and I will update as long as my willpower allows me to.

The last weekend of August was the last of the series of long weekends this month. Ang gastos kapag long weekend. We ended up doing some interior decorating, and kahit masakit sa bulsa, I am so happy with the outcome.
Last Saturday, Hubby and I were supposed to ONLY buy groceries and run some errands. I was thinking it wouldn't take us two hours so I tried to put Rocco to sleep first for his afternoon nap. I think he has a good radar that senses if we're about to leave because he refused to sleep. Play lang ng play. Because I don't like leaving him alone when he's awake, kaya we brought him with us nalang. Not even five minutes passed by in the car, na TKO na. Ayaw lang talaga magpaiwan.
We ended up in a hardware store to buy wall paint for our perimeter wall, then to the Baker's Depot to buy baking ingredients, then off to the mall to kill off time. We held off the grocery part because I don't like doing groceries at SM, ang gulo kasi. We ate at Bigby's which I surprisingly enjoyed (the last time we ate there, it was blaaahh) then off to Ace Hardware to buy some ready-made shelves.
The next day, we watched Hubby's game which Rocco really enjoyed. He kept on clapping and shouted "shoot the bow" (ball). After the game, we went back to SM to exchange some items we bought at Ace Hardware the previous day.
Yesterday was the holiday, so bago pa kami maubusan ng free day, we went grocery shopping na. We were just supposed to go to the nearby Robinson's Supermarket when I saw a sign that said "Mandaue Foam 40% OFF". I told Hubby what I saw and ginatungan pa ako by saying that there's a nearby Mandaue Foam just a few minutes away. We were contemplating if we would go or not. Actually, we were already at Robinson's when I said, go na! We ended up spending for home items again. Ang gaganda kasi, and sale pa. Because we were already at Mandaue Foam, we just did our groceries at Shopwise, na ang lapit lang sa Mandaue Foam. It's so nice there, kaya lang ang daming "Buy One Take One" na actually hindi naman nakakamura, mas mapapagastos ka pa :) Ang original Robinson's grocery na may budget na x,xxx ay naging xx,xxx dahil sa dami ng side trip.
This is the product of our weekend interior decorating. I bought the two colored vases in the left at 70% off! Would you believe, 600pesos lang for the two items. Super great find! To the right, ang aming ready-made shelves with cute anik-anik. Looks cheap, pero ang mahal din. Ok lang, looks nice naman :)

So there, that was our weekend. Now it's back to work again.
Kailangan kumayod para may panggastos ang mga baboy na politiko na sobrang corrupt.
Nakakagalit diba?

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