Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Wow, 21 months. I say this often but it's true, parang kelan lang when I gave birth to this chinito boy, and now, he's a few months shy of being a terrible two.

Having a toddler is so exciting, tiring, but fun at the same time. Everyday, Rocco learns new stuff, blurts out new words, which of course amaze us all the time.

But one thing that I've observed all through out this developmental milestones is his desire to be more independent. His favorite word is actually "AKO".

Just to cite, he eats mostly by himself now, although still messy at times. He knows the drill. Wash hands before eating, so he says "Wash" with matching action, then after asks for a "Poon" (Spoon). He sleeps by himself now. Well, he's a very easy sleeper even when he was still an infant. We just encounter difficulties in letting him take his afternoon nap every time we're at home. Understandable naman, because he really does want to spend time with us. Even during playtime, he wants to do it all by himself. He pushes his stroller, and when I try to hold it, he removes my hand, and even gets irritated by saying "Mama!!!". So funny when he does this.

What else is new? He knows the alphabet by heart now. Kahit baliktad pa ang letters at gulo-gulo, he knows them na. He knows how to make sign of the cross, count from 1-10, and he can say a whole lot of words now, I've lost track na.

Dearest Rocco,
I always thank God for giving me the greatest gift of all, and that is you. I pray everyday for your good health, because you know how much it scared me when you got hospitalized twice last July. 
Thank you for bringing life and light into our world. You make so many of us happy with your charming smile, contagious laugh, and those chinito eyes...they just make my heart melt.

I love you anak!

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