Monday, July 15, 2013

The Unexpected Hospital Trip

July 9 was an ordinary workday for me. Though my cough and colds recurred and I was feeling sick, I still went to work because issues were piling up. I facetimed with Rocco who woke up with colds, but was generally showing no signs of distress. Later that afternoon, the yaya reported that Rocco felt tired and wanted to be carried after playing outside.

When we arrived home, he was extra clingy to him, and I tried putting him to sleep early so he could rest. He was able to sleep for a good 30min until he woke up crying and never went to sleep again the entire night. I observed that he was having labored breathing. He had this episode before but recovered quickly so I thought to myself that I'll wait it out until morning and observe him some more.

Morning came, and he got worse. He looked so tired and almost lifeless. He refused milk and wanted to be carried all the time. I observed that his nail color got darker, and of course this is a bad sign.

We went to Lexmark's clinic to get Admission docs to Chonghua. He was given two doses of Ventolin for immediate relief. On the way to to the ER, I was trying to stay calm but noticed that Rocco was having cold sweats even if the car aircon was on. This was definitely bad.

We went straight to the Pedia ER and the doctors immediately checked on him. They attached a proximeter which measures Oxygen levels and his was way below normal. This time, Rocco was still fighting off anyone touching him. Warla mode pa talaga even if he barely had energy left. But the moment the stronger dose of nebulizer was administered, he relaxed and fell asleep.

Taking his xray exam was really a struggle. I had to stay objective and remove my pity on my son so we can get it done. I bargained with the doctors not to put IV on him, but they insisted because he would not be allowed to take any water or solid food for the rest of the day to control vomiting episodes. Thank God he fell asleep while they were inserting needles on him.
This was Rocco on Day 1. After the results came out, it was confirmed that he had pneumonia. Immediately his pedia ordered IV antibiotic on him, which was really effective because just a few hours later, we observed immediate improvement on Rocco's breathing.
Rocco was able to sleep through the night, which he needed to pick up his energy and rest his body. On Day 2, he was allowed small servings of milk. We spent most of the day watching TV, playing Ipad and sleeping. Special mention to Pocoyo, Ellie, Pato, Olah and Sleepy Bird, for we would not survived without them. Rocco was quite an easy baby at the hospital. He smiled and laughed a lot, except for the times when the doctors or nurses would visit or administer something. On these occasions, he would cry and cling on to me like there is no tomorrow.
By Day 3, Rocco was responding to his meds well and tolerated solid food, so we gave him his fave Jollibee spaghetti and banana. He was pretty much bored the entire time and wanted to go out. He always looked at the windows, the door and told me so many times "Mama out there". He also got used to his nurses and doctors already and told them "Hi" and "Babay" everytime they went in and out of the room. They really found him cute and charming. By this day, his pedia told us that we can go home on the next day and continue with home medication. Yipeee!!!
By Day 4, we got our discharge papers. Rocco was so excited! He also kept looking at his rashed and swollen hand where the IV was placed. Kawawa naman :(

Thank God he is improving now. Thank God for mother's instinct which led us to bring him to the hospital immediately. Thank God for he never left our side. Thanks to Dr. Lydia Chang for taking care of Rocco and kept close monitor on his status. Thank God for insurance for saving us for this unexpected huge cost. We left the hospital without paying a single cent.

Cheers to good health!

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