Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Car Seating

If we're in the US, naselda na siguro kami over the countless times that we brought Rocco along with us on a car ride without a car seat. We decided to just wait until he's after 1 year old before we get him a car seat kasi kakalakihan din nya agad. Besides, it's not everyday that we bring him out. From 0-12months, we would only bring him out on pedia visits and occasional dining out (Yeah, still a lame excuse. Ang bottomline lang actually, wala kaming pambili.)

Now that he's bigger, I find it hard to constrain him in the car. Sobrang likot na kasi, and sometimes it can be distracting even to Hubby who is driving. So we decided to buy him a car seat na which could last until he's around 4years old.

He wasn't too happy the first time we sat him on his car seat (to the left) but eventually he got the hang of it, and actually loves sitting on it.

Ang mahal lang ng mga car seat ha. Sabagay, there is no greater price for a child's safety kaya cge nalang.

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