Tuesday, June 18, 2013


We had no plans of going out last weekend because the weather was gloomy and it felt more right to just stay in the house. Besides, we were still sleepy from watching the last full show of Man of Steel the day before. I was thinking of bringing Rocco to Gymboree to try their weekend classes but hubby was so lazy to move around.
While I was busy minding the house and cooking lunch, the boys were chilling around. Nakakaloka. I can now totally relate to how my mother felt when we were still young. All of us were camped out in front of the TV habang siya aligaga sa kusina. 
Rocco was all active the entire morning. We've recently adjusted his sleeping schedule. Instead of letting him sleep in the morning (which he does but only for 30min), we tire him out until he falls asleep in the afternoon (and which lasts for 2-3hours). So there, we let him play and play. In the afternoon, he slept from 2PM to 4:30PM. Haaay sarap!
After we woke up (nakitulog din kami), I prodded hubby na ipasyal naman namin si Rocco. We had dinner at Rocco's fave resto, and gala-gala lang looking for stuff. 
We dropped by the Toy's Section because I wanted to buy MegaBloks for Rocco. Grabe naman ang reaction nya. He ran around and kept saying WOW TOYS repeatedly. He checked one toy to another, na parang hindi alam kung ano ang uunahin. Nakaktuwa talaga seeing his reaction like that. I think we stayed there for almost an hour kasi ayaw paawat ng bagets.
The next day was Father's Day, and also mass + grocery day. I love it when we hear mass first thing in the morning. I feel that we are prioritizing God over other things. We used to hear mass in the afternoon pero minsan natatamad na kami, so we decided to sched it in the morning. Hubby got busy when we arrived home because they were preparing for the Homeowner's Grand Assembly. Pa officer-officer pa kasi :) I was left alone with Rocco because the helpers had their day off and were off to the mall. 
The little boy did not sleep in the bed, but in my chest. We were like this for 3hours, but I had no complaints at all. I felt really great being so close to Rocco. Minsan nalang ito because when he's awake, busy kakalaro and ayaw na magpa-hug.
After Rocco woke up, we brought him to the newly opened village swimming pool were some festivities were going on. It was late already so no ligo muna for the little boy. A little while later, it was time to call it a day. Work-week once again, and always looking forward to the next weekend :)

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