Thursday, June 13, 2013

A day in the life of Rocco

Yesterday was Independence Day and it was a highly anticipated holiday because I badly wanted to spend more time with Rocco. Mission accomplished because he was just too happy that I was there succumbing to his every whim. Hubby was not around so it was a first for us to be totally alone with Rocco.
 Rocco woke up looking for his Papa. I had to distract him a lot of times so that he wouldn't keep looking.
 My boy is a munchy eater. He basically eats whatever is there. I served him banana walnut cake for breakfast.
 He usually watches Disney Junior in the morning but I told him Mama will watch basketball. He happily obliged.
 We had Facetime with his Papa who was puyat from attending the wake of his Uncle. Rocco missed his Papa because he kept on sending flying kisses.
 I tried putting Rocco to sleep before lunchtime but I failed. I tried again after lunch, but it took me 2 hours before he surrendered. Grabe!! 2 hours!
 Basta may aircon, masarap lagi ang tulog. He slept for a total of 2.5hours and woke up just before 5PM.
 It was time for some outside play. We walked around the village and played with his little friends in the playground.
 After playtime he got hungry so I cooked dinner for him, pork asado. He loved it because he ate a lot again!
After dinner, he played some more while I watched the replay of NBA.
After his nightime bath, it was off to snoozeland. I got scared because it was raining so hard, and I kept praying that nothing would happen (like an earthquake) and that we would survive the night. Thank God Rocco slept well despite the thunder and the heavy rain.

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