Thursday, June 13, 2013

What happens during bedtime

I know all mothers with toddlers can attest to the fact on how difficult it is to put an active toddler to sleep. Ang hirap! With all the distractions around, I'm starting to think of converting the room into a purely white space with no color at all para super boring (kidding!). Rocco's sleeptime now clocks in at 10PM because he still wants to play and play. We have to turn off even the bedtime light until the whole room is eerily dark just so he would sleep.
He loves banging the cabinet sliding door. One time it caught his hand, guess what happened next-- crying session.
 Playtime is his favorite time.
 Yeah, that's him trying to give me a kick.
 He loves active play with his Papa!
He also loves disorganizing things. Tapon dito, tapon doon. Kalat dito, kalat doon. I end up fixing everything after he falls asleep.

I'm not complaining though. I'm just happy and thankful that Rocco is healthy and active. I've seen him sick and I would never wish for it to happen again.

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