Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Building his Vocabulary

Water (Watah)
He used to do the sign language for water when he wanted one, but recently, he started saying "Mama watah"

Wow Toy
We brought him to Toy Kingdom over the weekend to buy a gift for his friend, and immediately after putting him down, he started running and kept on shouting "Wow Toy"

Where Are You (Weyayo)
While I was preparing for work in my room, I heard him shout out loud "Mama weyayo mama!"

Just this morning after he woke up, he pointed to his diaper while saying "hevy"

I noticed he had insect bites on his leg, and out of the blue he said "Yayay ant"

Amen (Emehn)
Every night we bring him to the altar to say the Guardian Angel Prayer. I think he picked up on this because after saying In the name of the Father of the Son of the Holy Spirt, he would finish it off with "Emehn"

Bye (Babay)
We used to distract Rocco everytime we leave for work, but lately he would cry anymore. One time he just said "Mama Papa Babay"

Baby Boy
He loves watching his Vocabulary DVDs and he would see baby boys playing as actors. Eventually he learned to say "Baby Boy"

Everytime Rocco would want to go out of the room, he would say "Mama there" with a silent r.

If he wants to go out of the house,he would say "Mama out"

His fave Disney Junior cartoon is Tayo the Little Bus. We were surprised when he started saying "Tayo" while pointing to the TV :)

These new words and phrases are on top of the initial words that he learned to speak like: Mama, Papa, Yaya, apple (a-pah), dog (doh), duck, I love you (aya-yoh), moo, ba-bath (Babat), car (cah), namnam (which he says when he wants food), mmmmm (when he smells something), ball (boh), baby bear (behy).

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