Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Today I was a domesticated goddess :)

We were planning to purchase the oven we canvassed last week, but decided to just buy it this weekend because of the freaky hot weather which makes it insane to even go out. Instead we had a general cleaning in the house. All the carpets and sofas were vacuumed, the floor mopped and washed, and cabinets cleaned. Ang sarap talaga ng amoy ng malinis na bahay :)

We also passed out going to the wet market because we overslept, so we're bingeing supermarket food for the entire week, courtesy of the nearby Robinsons Supermarket. We tried to bring Rocco to the newly opened posh barber shop at Robinsons but he wailed when he realized he was having a haircut. Better luck next time! On the way home, we passed by a gardening supplier and bought 3 sacks of decorative stones to beautify our mini garden.

Tadaaah! It's a bad picture, doesn't even give justice to how beautiful our mini garden looks like. Haha!
I cooked chicken afritada for lunch. Seriously, hindi ako nagbubuhat ng sarili kong bangko but ang sarap talaga ng naluto ko. I'm not sure if mauulit ko pa iyon kasi usually when I cook, I don't measure, I just go with my taste. I cooked a lot pero ubos, pati si Rocco nasarapan because he ate a lot!
Sayang I wasn't able to take even one picture kasi gutom na lahat. Next time!

After lunch, it was a movie-mania afternoon for us. Rocco was as usual, his active self, kasi ayaw niya matulog. He's like that when we're at home.
After the scorching heat tamed a bit, we went out to play. Rocco has a new playmate, Ate Misha. She owns the big boy's bike which Rocco SUPER likes. Buti nalang ang bait ni Ate Misha because she lets Rocco play with her bike. Everytime I'd pull Rocco out of the bike, super iyak sya ng iyak. I just gave Ate Misha our specially made ice candy as a thank you gesture for being so nice to Rocco :)

Ang sarap pala ng taong bahay paminsan-minsan. I accomplished a lot, and at the same time, spent time with my family, and got to know my neighbors more :)

Till the next weekday holiday!

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