Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Haircut Dilemma

Last Tuesday, we brought Rocco to the newly opened chic barber shop at Robinsons Supermarket. They have experience handling toddlers so we decided to give it a try. Just a brief history, Rocco's last haircut was a disaster. He threw a serious fit and since then, was so sensitive with his hair. Ayaw pahawak. Just the mention of scissors or haircut and he would cry :)
His hair is getting longer again, so we had to find a tempo solution to tidy up his hair, especially with the super hot summer weather. This is what his Papa thought of. Cute ba? Hehe
I clipped his bangs pero pahirapan pa din kahit pag-clip na lang. Ayaw talaga. The only solution I could think of was to cut his bangs while he's sleeping.
Hubby and I helped each other cut Rocco's hair while he took his afternoon nap. It turned out OK naman, except for the slight crooked bangs. At least maginhawa na ang pakiramdam :)

I guess we'll be doing this until Rocco gets over his barber trauma :)

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