Monday, December 3, 2012

The First Haircut

Rocco's hair is really fine, and grew long even before he reached a year old. There were times already where he would be irritable because his hair would touch his nape and ears. Most of the time, I had to tie his bangs so it would not prick on his eyes. I was itching to cut his hair, and actually did cut a teeny weeny part of his bangs, but refrained from doing more damage because of the folklore that a baby's hair shouldn't be cut until he turns a year old. Whatever the reason is, I don't know :)

We actually planned to have Rocco's hair cut before his birthday part, but his Grandma Flor requested us to postpone is because she wanted to see Rocco's virgin hair. We moved his haircut trip to the weekend after his party instead.

Since wala naman Cut for Tots sa Cebu, we settled for adult salons. Buti nalang di maraming tao sa Salon de Rose when we dropped by last weekend. The first thing I asked the receptionist is "Are your barbers trained to cut a baby's hair?" Kasi malikot sila and might throw a tantrum, so they should be able to handle that also. Marunong daw kaya go na kami.

 Manong Barber said kailangan ko din daw maupo. Sana nagpa hot oil na din ako. Nakakaloka na ang aking buhaghag hair :)
 Rocco kept looking at the Barber. Nastress si Kuya at napasabi "Tantiyahan nalang ang paggupit daw". Sabi ko hello huwag naman, ayusin nya noh!
 Jack the Penguin is Rocco's comfort toy. When all else fails, Jack is always to the rescue! Hehehe
Taddaaaah! Mukha nang bata ang aking anak. I got a bit teary eyed talaga. Emote lang ang mommy.
The before and after photos. Haaaay my baby is growing up to be a fine young boy.

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