Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Where Is Game

Since Rocco turned a year old a few weeks ago, his development sky rocketed. He is more talkative now, can point at objects and people properly when being asked, can walk, and sometimes even run without support, among others.

Last night, while killing off time because of power interruption due to the storm "Pablo", we played the WHERE IS game. We ask him to point to where a person or object is. The goal is to measure how well he can associate names with objects.

Where are the plants?
    He points to the plants in the garden outside the sliding door.

Where else?
    He turns around and points to outside the main door. There are plants in the front garden.

Where is the ball?
    He looks all over until he spots the ball hiding beside the crib.

Where is the car?
    He points to his toy car parked under the stairs.

Where is Ate Alen (his yaya)?
   He glances at his Ate Alen (without pointing) and smiles.

Where is mama?
   He grabs my shirt and nozzles his nose to it.

Where is papa?
   He talks out loud "papa papa" and points to his daddy.

Where is Mama Mary?
   He points to the altar.

How about Papa Jesus?
   He continues pointing to the altar.

Where is Rocco pogi?
   He smiles his super pa-cute smile and points to his framed picture in the console table.

Where are your angels?
   He points back to the altar where two figurine angels are displayed.

In fairness, we were all amazed! And to think that we did this game very fast, so had less time to think of answers. Good job, anak!! Keep it up :)

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