Sunday, December 9, 2012

Brush brush brush!

Hello guys!

I've been tending to a sick baby the past week. Rocco caught a bad cold from his visiting cousin, and though the cold went away quickly, it progressed to a hard cough. We had him checked by his pedia in time for his 1st year checkup, and thank God he responded to his meds. As much as possible I don't want to give meds to the little boy, but he was having a hard time coughing out his phlegm and it resulted to sleepless nights and loss of appetite, kaya I had no other choice. He actually lost weight.


He's now OK! Back to his old malikot habits and surging appetite. When he got well, his appetite went uphill too! Lahat ng ipakain, he will gladly take, plus milk pa! He got back almost immediately the weight that he lost, plus more. Sobrang laki na nga ng tummy!

I used to brush Rocco's mouth using a washcloth, but when his teeth grew and started biting me, I started to use a tiny toothbrush. We introduced the new concept of brushing to him by showing him how we brush our teeth. Also during brush time, we sing the "Brush Song", which is imbento ko lang.

This morning, he decided to take matters on his own hands.
 Caught the mischievous look on cam! 
 He started stroking the brush to his teeth, imitating me at the same time.
 Rocco is showing signs of very early independence.
It went on for a few minutes until he started playing with the toothbrush and poked it deeper to his mouth. Naku naku naku! Delikado!

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