Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rocco's Outdoor Fun

Rocco is a hyper toddler, but I'm happy that he's obedient and knows how to listen when we tell him to do or not do something. We try to provide him with a lot of stimulating activities, especially those that are outdoor and fun.

It's a big plus that we live in a community with a lot of kids of varying ages, so his social skills keep on improving. He gets a lot of interaction without us having to pay a hefty some that playschools charge these days. Imagine 70K for a 1.5hr playtime 3x a week! In our village, we get the same results for free.

We love it more because it's a natural environment so it builds familiarity and friendship. In fact, Rocco knows who his regular playmates are, can remember their names, and even where their houses are.

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