Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy Weekends

Since our time with Rocco is limited during weekdays, we try our best to make it up to him during weekends. Eating out is one of our fave past time, and Rocco is quickly picking up on this too. Napaganang kumain :)
Taken last Sunday, September 15. We went to Banilad Town Center after mass to inquire at Gymboree for Rocco's birthday, but turns out they are closed every Sunday. We ended up eating at Yellow Cab because we craved for pasta and pizza. Rocco absolutely loved the food too! After Yellow Cab, we headed off to Serenitea but it was jampacked, so we just ordered take-out drinks.
This was taken last September, on my FIL's birthday. We took time off from work to spend time with my in-laws who were here in Cebu for a vacation. We headed over to Lantaw, Busay, a very nice restaurant overlooking Cebu. The place was so relaxing, plus the food was not expensive too! Rocco enjoyed running around the place.
This was taken last August 24. We were bent on staying home that day, but boredom got the best of us, so out of the blue we decided to head off to the mall to eat. We ended up at Bigby's. The food surprisingly tasted good. We will be back next time.
This was taken last August 17. We love Rairaiken! We keep on going back everytime we crave ramen, california maki, and gyoza. Lami kaayo! Rocco loves the food their too. Simot sarap when we give him his share of ramen.

We hope to keep this small family tradition of spending quality weekends with each other. It's always a much-needed breaker after a whole week of stressful work, plus Rocco is craving for our undivided attention, so we owe it to him to make weekends fun and memorable.

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