Friday, September 20, 2013

Rocco loves the outdoor

Rocco loves the outdoor. Fresh from bed, the first thing that he would say is "Mama down". As soon as we're down, he would say "Mama shoosh" (shoes), and off we go to the outside world. Typical of an almost two toddler, he loves running around, playing with his ball, counting cars, and best of all, playing with his friends.
 This was early in the morning, around 6:30AM. I took off his shirt because he was perspiring a lot already.
 Rocco has a fascination with cars. He calls these things as "big cahs".
 Rocco with his friend Nathan.
 I wonder what they were discussing here.
 And then came Hailey, Rocco's new friend who transferred to our village early this July. They have become constant playmates.
 Rocco with his Ate Gabe and Badang. Badang, the girl in pink, is 4 yrs old, while Rocco is 1yr, and 9 months old. Spot the difference?
 Rocco playing with the deepwell pump.
Tha parking lot is his playground.

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