Friday, October 21, 2011

35 Weeks!

It's been a very busy October, and I just realized that I am now on my 35th week! A few more weeks to go and I'm so ready to pop!

Almost all of  Rocco's stuff are in place already, thanks to very generous family who's been showering us with endless gifts, but  I have yet to start preparing the hospital bag and birth documents.

We've had visitors since last week. My Papa came, then my in-laws just went home from a week-long visit, then we have Sieg's cousins coming over this weekend. Next week, my whole family, together with the kiddos are coming to spend the long weekend with us.

As soon as they're all back home, we will be in full baby-mode.

So how am I doing on my 35th week? Simply put..I'm really feeling pregnant.

I couldn't sleep well, because the baby keeps on waking me up. I'm a right side sleeper, so I feel a constant shortness of breath when I sleep on my right side.

I pee more! As in more! I have to make sure that the places I go to have CRs or else, I will have to put on a diaper because I can't contain my pee :)

My feet just started to swell, and they call it pregnancy edema. I think my toes look funny and cute, but the sad part is, I can't wear my shoes anymore.

I sweat a lot, and I always feel hot. Even when I'm taking a bath, I can feel sweat trekking through my skin. I won't survive without aircon or electric fan.

Because I sweat a lot, I keep catching a cold. I'm sick again, but thank God I felt better with just a few days of rest.

Other than that, I feel so A-OK.  Let's see how the next weeks would go. Every week is becoming a challenge for me with all the changes I'm going through. Hopefully, I can get through all these with flying colors :)

Till the next week! :)

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