Monday, November 4, 2013

Grannies in the House

A few weeks back, our house was in full guest mode because my Mama and Tita (eldest sister of Mama) came to Cebu for the weekend to visit us, and of course Rocco. Tita Linda is based in the US, and came home for the death anniversary of my lolo and lola. Good thing that they decided to have a quick stopover at Cebu to spend time with us.

We were still feeling a lot of strong aftershocks that weekend. My Tita was less nervous about it, but Mama was a bit terrified. Still, that didn't stop us from our lakwatsa weekend!

 All we did was eat and eat. But Tita Linda turned out to be a picky eater because she's all about healthy eating. Eh ang hirap makahanap ng healthy resto sa Cebu, especially if the specialty here is lechon :) Tita Linda is nearing 70years old, but she's still very strong, and younger looking. She doesn't eat carbs, steams her veggies, does yoga, and is a regular gym buff. Gosh!!!! Lupig pa ako!
 The sisters had a great time shopping!
We dropped by Serenitea to cool down.
 We toured them around Pedro Calungsod Church.
 Some parts of the church collapsed due to the strong earthquake, but not seen in the picture.
 We also invited by first cousin, Kuya Junjun and his new girlfriend, to have lunch with us. We ate at Casa Verde and Tita Linda enjoyed the ice cream cake!
We visited some Cebu landmarks like the Lapu-Lapu shrine. We didn't go to Sto.Nino Church because it was cordoned off due to some falling debris from the earthquake.

Rocco enjoyed his time with his grandmas, and gusto pa always holding hands while walking :)

 We enjoyed having the grannies with us, and we hope that soon we can visit Tita Linda in the US. As she said to us, visit her na daw while she can still drive us around!

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