Friday, November 4, 2011

Weird Concoctions for the Pregnant

There are people who really believe in concoctions. My mother is one of them :) She uses a lot of herbal, organic or alternative products, especially when hearing good reviews about the product.

Well this time, she told me she had an office staff whose wife was able to give birth through spontaneous vaginal delivery, an 8 pound baby. That's huge! The secret (daw) is she drank snake's oil during labor, which helped eased the big baby out of her vagina smoothly.

I actually read of snake's oil being used during labor among Chinese believers, but I wouldn't dare use that on myself! Gross!!!! I have a huge phobia on snakes!

I could see the look in Sieg's face while Mama was telling the story (haha!). Sieg is a scientific believer, and he dislikes taking any form of medication (pharmaceutical or herbal) unless prescribed by a doctor.

Mama told us she would ask for the oil and have it shipped to us. I didn't want to offend her, so I said OK.

This morning, Mama asked for our address again because she would ship the bottle. I told Sieg about it (knowing it would irritate him, haha!) and indeed, he ranted.  He kept on ranting on me because he couldn't do so with mama :)

"Bangin may halas ito ha botelya!" (There might be a snake inside the bottle!)
"Kun mabasag ito, magbabaho aton balay!" (If the bottle breaks, our house will smell!)
"Ayaw gud paggamit hito ha, upaya la!" (Don't you dare use it!)

As Sieg said, labor and delivery is a natural process. The female human body is designed for it. Honestly, I wouldn't use it. It's not proven anyway, and there might be side effects which I might regret for the rest of my life. If others say it worked for them, then good for them.

For me, I just have to trust my doctors that they'll take good care of me, and will do everything to keep me and my baby safe from harm.

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